Ezelle Sanford III
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania


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History of Science Program Seminar Presentation, Princeton University

Commentator:  Pallavi Podapati

Chapter 1: The “Most Useful Citizen”: Recovering the Life and Establishing the Legacy of Attorney Homer G. Phillips (1878-1937)

This chapter chronicles the life of Attorney Homer G. Phillips (c.1880-1931), the attorney for whom the hospital was named, and the events leading to the creation of Homer G. PHillips Hospital.  Broadly, it argues that contrary to the local lore surrounding the hospital, attorney Homer G. Phillips was not as staunch of an advocate for the black city hospital as previously thought.  Contextualizing Attorney Phillips life and activism amid Progressive-era urban politics in the Midwest, this chapter offers the first full account of the well-known, yet historically enigmatic figure.