Doctoral Candidate, Princeton University

About Me

Ezelle Sanford III

About Me

I am excited to announce that, for  the 2018-19 academic year, I will hold a Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowship

Ezelle Sanford III is currently an advanced doctoral student and William G. Bowen Fellow in the Department of History, Program in the History of Science, at Princeton University. He specializes in the history of modern medicine and public health, African American history from emancipation to the present, and twentieth century United States history.  He currently resides in St. Louis, MO where he is completing his dissertation work.   

Working at the intersection of history, Black studies, and anthropology, he studies race, medicine, and public health from the 19th century to the present. His research focuses on African Americans and their interactions with, and shaping of, twentieth century medicine and healthcare.  Specifically, Ezelle’s dissertation, “A Source of Pride, A Vision of Progress:  The Homer G. Phillips Hospital of St. Louis, MO (1937-1979),” uses the Homer G. Phillips hospital of St. Louis, MO to answer several important questions:  What was graduate medical education like for African Americans in the age of segregation?  How did African Americans influence, and respond to, the changing health landscape over the course of the twentieth century?  Why didn’t Black hospitals survive the racial integration of United States healthcare?